Campaign Management

What is campaign management?

Campaign management integrates diverse marketing activities into a comprehensive programme that drives toward strategic business goals, such as revenue generation, market share, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

Successful campaign management comes from evolving best practices and repeatable models across marketing activities. This includes content development, marketing automation and lead management, to create optimised campaigns. spotONvision helps its clients demonstrate and improve marketing ROI with optimised campaign management services.

Smart campaign management, step-by-step


In order to create content driven integrated campaigns and/or lead nurturing programmes that are successful and repeatable, we help you define key segments of your target audience, campaign goals, objectives and KPIs, campaign flows (including touch points, interactions, content offerings, and assets), and sales and account management roll-out plans. We deliver detailed campaign proposals that include workflow designs, key themes and content outlines, and metrics.


spotONvision makes defining the target audience and creating meaningful and effective segmentation a critical component of your campaigns. We coordinate with CRM teams and telemarketing/telesales teams to optimise campaign reach.

Content advice and creation

Based on the campaign plan and the overview of the target audience, spotONvision provides recommendations on relevant and effective content. We can develop content for our clients, coordinate with their own internal or external content team, and leverage/repurpose existing content for optimum ROI.


Marketing automation plays a central role in successful campaign management. It allows marketers to effectively and cost-efficiently execute and measure campaigns. spotONvision can evaluate, implement, and pilot marketing automation technology, or we can work with your existing platform.

We can also demonstrate and implement key automation capabilities such as lead nurturing, lead scoring, progressive profiling, personalised experience, and A/B testing. >> Read more about marketing automation


Executing successful campaigns involves effective coordination of internal resources, promotional channels, campaign assets, content, and other elements. During this stage, spotONvision provides continuous campaign oversight, analysis, and feedback. In addition, we provide our clients with communication and measurement tools that they can use to ensure their contribution to revenue is recognised by senior management, sales teams, and other key stakeholders.


To ensure that campaign successes are repeatable, spotONvision provides periodic assessments to review results vs. KPIs, and suggest optimisation. We document key takeaways and best practices that help clients evolve campaign management and improve results overtime.

Getting started?

By outsourcing your campaign management to an experienced and dedicated marketing team, you can enjoy all of the benefits from our experienced and passionate B2B marketing professionals. Don’t hesitate, give us a call or send an email, we are happy to learn about your needs, explain our way of working in detail, and to show you how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Campaign management is rapidly changing as organisations shift to a buyer-centric approach. There are many challenges in successfully executing these kinds of integrated campaigns, but also many benefits. During this webinar we delved into the challenges and benefits of successful campaign management and walked through a 7-step framework for building successful campaigns.


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