Buyer Personas

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a detailed profile of an exemplary buyer that represents a real target group, and makes it easier to understand and communicate with your audience.

Personas and buyer journey insights help marketing and communications professionals refine and adjust their message and strategy in order to best engage their target audiences. With personas in hand, companies can better determine how to spend their budget, which content to promote, and which channels to use.

Why buyer personas?

A buyer’s journey in B2B can be long and complex. When you understand the world of your buyer and what keeps him awake at night, you can more easily turn a lead into a customer. Insights and knowledge about the buyer help you understand:

  • How and where the buyer searches and consumes information
  • What are the relevant contact moments and buyer journey stages
  • How your buyers view your competitors
  • What are his or her success factors, goals and interests

Buyer personas in 4 steps

1. Listen to your target audience and ask questions

Look for the Five Rings of Insight: Priorities, Success Factors, Perceived Barriers, the Buying Process and Decision Criteria. To retrieve relevant information use tools like Google Alerts, Twitter and LinkedIn. But, most essentially, conduct interviews with representatives of your audience in a structured way to gain a clear and deep understanding of the buyer.

2. Analyse and cluster the right information

After you’ve collected the information, look for patterns and similarities in the behaviour of buyers so you can correctly develop your buyer profiles.

3. Select important buying criteria and contact moments

Make a vivid story of each persona, and include a photo, name, attributes, challenges, and goals. Map their ‘digital body language’. What does your buyer do on the Internet for both their work and personal life? Does he use a smartphone? And if so, what for? Then test and refine each persona at least once a year. By using personas as a guide, you can create relevant content that fits each stage of the buyer’s journey, from awareness through decision.

4. Launch your marketing campaigns

Introduce your personas within your organization, ensuring that everyone in sales as well as customer support understands the buyer and their needs. This can improve marketing and communication at every touchpoint. Working with personas is a dynamic process; marketers must maintain, enrich, and change them as new information about your buyer becomes available.

Tap into our experience

spotONvision is an expert on creating buyer personas. By using the right interview techniques, we gain a deep understanding of your market and target audience, providing you with clear insights that empower your future marketing strategies.

We hold the Buyer Persona Institute’s official certification, confirming the level of our work reaches the highest standard. Why are we different from others? We make sure you can use your buyer persona in your marketing as we link outcomes directly to your content marketing strategy.

Do you want to start using buyer personas to improve your marketing efforts? Please, give us a call.

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Cross Border Buyer Personas

Do you work in an international environment and do you wonder how to make the best buyer personas, how to deploy and use them across multiple countries? Then join us for a look into best practices and international case studies. During this webinar you will learn which choices you will have to make with an international buyer persona project, how to approach an international buyer persona project, how to deploy and use international buyer personas and steps to take to avoid common pitfalls.