Account-Based Marketing

What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing is a B2B engaging strategy in which a defined set of companies is targeted with tailor-made campaigns and messaging.

It is a strategic approach where sales and marketing join forces to focus on a group of stakeholders within an account, rather than an individual. The goal is to have full visibility of these stakeholders, build relationships, open doors and deepen engagement at specific targeted accounts.

By investigating the targeted accounts and identifying the relevant buyers, you gain deeper insights into business drivers, their current challenges and buying triggers.

These insights give the marketing team the opportunity to deliver personalized content for each specific account. Account-based marketing can be seen as an extremely focused, almost microscopic way, as well as a very strategic way of inbound and outbound marketing.

Why account-based marketing?

The average size of a B2B buying committee can be 5 or even lead up to 17 stakeholders that all work within multiple functional levels. These stakeholders all have a say in purchasing your product, service or solution. Therefore it is critical to connect and engage with all of them. Account-based marketing gives you that focus. It helps you to better engage with your buyer in a personalised manner that resonates.

Account-based marketing brings focus and efficiency in targeting the accounts you want to reach with your marketing activities. You try to make connections that can start the interaction between the account and your company. These interactions can grow in a deeper relationship that your sales team is looking for.

All activities are planned and measured based on clear commercial goals and outcomes. This is why it becomes possible to show the ROI of your marketing activities and teamwork with sale.

Account-based marketing strategy

Please note: You should only start with account-based marketing if you collaborate with your sales team. You need their insights and their efforts to be part of your marketing plans.

Build your strategy for ABM success by taking the following steps:

Step 1: Identify your accounts

Selecting the accounts to target should be done with your sales team and you should focus on high value accounts that are right for your business. Establish goals and metrics.

Step 2: Profile and map the accounts

Discover contact information as well as deep account insights. Gather information to understand your accounts and stakeholders.
It helps when you look at the personas of the decision makers and influencers; now you can map the buyer journey of these stakeholders.

Step 3: Develop account-relevant messages, content and campaigns

Create compelling content for your account-based marketing campaigns and go for a multi-channel approach. You want to leverage on personalized communications and on account-relevant messages. Make sure you use different marketing tactics utilizing personalized, consistent messaging.

Step 4: Constantly measure

Don’t give up when a first attempt doesn’t seem to work. Keep on measuring results and find ways to improve your campaigns.

Interested in starting with account-based marketing? Need help building your buyer personas and start with account-based marketing? Contact one of our ABM experts.

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