General Terms & Conditions


The parties agree not to deliver or in any other way make available information about the other party or any other information received through the fulfilment of this agreement, without the prior written approval by the other party.

Notwithstanding the termination of this Agreement for any reason, the provisions in this Section will continue to apply for a period of five (5) years.


In order to provide its clients with the highest quality services, on-time and within budget, spotONvision has based its proposal on the following assumptions:

  1. spotONvision and client will work collaboratively to concept, design and develop a successful campaign or project with a consistent online brand.
  2. Scope changes may affect the timeline and costs associated with the estimates provided. Every effort will be made to inform the client as soon as possible regarding any changes to the project’s timeline and costs.
  3. Assumes content/input is final before copy/video/photo/animation development begins.
  4. Assumes minor text or other edits only in development phase, changes to script, design or layout will impact costs and schedule.

Terms and General conditions


  1. Cost and expense estimates are appropriate for 30 days from the date of agreement. Taxes are not included in cost and expense estimates.
  2. Invoices are payable within fourteen (14) days of the invoice date.
  3. Costs for travel, deliveries by courier or similar, food, hotels or similar travel expenses are not included in the price. Travel costs in The Netherlands will be calculated on a basis of € 0,40 per km.
  4. spotONvision is not liable to any event beyond spotONvision control (“Force Majeure”).
  5. spotONvision obligation to pay damages to client shall be limited to the value of the costs stated above.
  6. Only estimated consulting and design time are included. Some estimated hard costs are included (e.g. video or photo shoot, voice over, talent rates, music, etc. if mentioned in the contract), some extra hard costs are not included (e.g. stock imagery, stock video, etc. unless mentioned in the contract)
  7. If the client fails to make any payment on the due date then, without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to spotONvision, spotONvision shall be entitled to:
  8. Cancel the Services or suspend any further deliveries to the client.
  9. Charge client interest (both before and after any judgment) on the amount unpaid, at the rate of 5 per cent per annum above NL base rate from time to time, until payment in full is made (a part of a month being treated as a full month for the purpose of calculating interest).


spotONvision will make every reasonable effort to assure the accuracy of the material produced, but are not responsible for the correctness of copy, illustrations, photographs, trademarks, nor for obtaining clearances or approvals.

Rights and Ownership

All services provided by spotONvision under this Agreement shall be for the exclusive use of client other than for the promotional use of spotONvision.

  1. Client keeps the IP and copyright on all its information and content (Word, Powerpoint presentations, brochures, technical data, etc) it has submitted to spotONvision for the development of the product marketing module.
  2. spotONvision will treat the information it has received as company confidential information and will not disclose any if this information to any party outside the scope of this project and without the formal approval of the client.
  3. spotONvision keeps the IP and copyright on all the development source material (e.g. movie / copy / designs ) including but not limited to the cartoon set, video master files, programming source code, and animation and navigation style, graphical components etc. Ideas, which are not accepted, remain the property of spotONvision and may be used in the future in course of other assignments.

spotONvision events – Terms & Conditions

Registration fees
All participants to events (whether master classes, conferences, forums or workshops) must pay the registration fee prior to arrival at the event. Participants are also advised to have a copy of their payment slip when going to the registration at the conference just in case they are requested to show proof of the payment on their arrival.

Cancellation Policy
Registration cancellations must be notified in writing by letter or email to spotONvision

Cancellations received 15 working days prior the first day of the conference/event will receive a refund of registration fees less an administration charge of 10% of the Conference fee. Cancellations made after, as well as ‘no shows’, are liable for the full registration fee.

Participants must make sure they receive an acknowledgement of their cancellation from spotONvision. Only this will confirm that their request has been received and processed.

spotONvision BV reserve the right to amend any part of the Conference programme if necessary at any time.

spotONvision will not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by delegates or accompanying persons, or loss of, or damage to their personal property as a result of the Conference or related events.

In the event of industrial disruption or other unforeseen circumstances, spotONvision accepts no responsibility for loss of monies incurred by delegates.

Delegates should make their own arrangements with respect to personal insurance, along with travel insurance.

Personal Insurance
spotONvision cannot be responsible for healthcare, dental and ambulance services during its conferences or events. spotONvision strongly recommends that participants take out comprehensive medical and travel insurance, which should cover the possibility of flight cancellation due to strikes and other causes. Therefore, spotONvision and its local co-organisers accept no responsibility of any nature whatsoever for personal injury, death, loss or damage to property or participants however caused or arising.

For all other generic terms not mentioned on this page, we refer to the General Terms and Conditions of the VEA, Vereniging van Communicatie Adviesbureaus, <>

These terms and conditions apply to both companies:
spotONvision B.V. and B2B Marketing Forum BV

Professor J.H. Bavincklaan 2-4, 1183 AT Amstelveen, The Netherlands

spotONvision: Chamber of Commerce 57229791, VAT: NL852492066B01
B2B Marketing Forum: Chamber of Commerce 57230285, VAT: NL852492327B0