Sales Enablement

B2B sales enablement

Every marketer wants to increase sales. Sales enablement is about developing marketing activities and programmes that support the sales department and drive revenue. The goal is to optimize marketing’s contribution to sales.

What helps marketing and sales become successful is to better understand behaviour and challenges of leads and customers. Marketing can also contribute to sales by effectively engaging with their audiences. Examples include creating valuable content in such forms as articles, infographics, videos or e-books. Marketing can also support your company’s proposals or quotes by becoming more involved in the RFP (Request for Proposals) process.

Every company and sales department has different needs. For sales and marketing to successfully contribute to the company, they must take steps toward supporting each other’s processes.

Maia Hemkes

Senior Marketing Programme Manager - spotONvision

“Sales enablement means that marketing helps sales strengthen the relationship with a prospect by keeping leads engaged during the entire buyer’s journey.”

Why sales enablement?

  • Sales enablement produces more qualified leads, as well as better co-operation between marketing and sales.
  • It formalizes a lead strategy and process. This avoids, what Forrester Research calls, ‘random acts of sales support’, which happens when too many people are trying to help the sales team with no real strategy in place.
  • It effectively contributes to closing deals by encouraging interaction and engagement between the company and the prospect.

What can spotONvision do for you?

spotONvision can help map the informational needs of the prospects and create processes, plans, materials, and tools that resonate with your leads. In that way, spotONvision can help marketing contribute to a successful sales enablement process. We regularly organize in-house workshops for marketing and sales. This way they  can optimize co-operation, evaluate and improve existing ways of working. Would you like to talk about your options? Contact us today.