Lead Nurturing

B2B lead nurturing

Most leads aren’t ready to become a customer on day one, or immediately be handed over to sales. Think about it as a first date; would you ask someone to marry you the first time you meet? In other words, don’t waste time calling contacts that are not ready to talk to you. Leads need attention, and the first thing you need to earn is their respect –for your company, service or product. This process is called lead nurturing.

By nurturing leads you keep your prospects engaged, which increases the quality of your leads. In B2B, where the average buyer’s process can take months, marketing needs to develop a long-term nurture strategy. That’s why the question we hear most is, ‘How can we better nurture our leads?’

Mariëlle Meijwes

Senior Marketing Programme Manager - spotONvision

“To develop a long-term lead nurture strategy, use the following steps:

  1. Determine the target group with buyer personas
  2. Map the buyer’s process, from awareness to consideration to decision
  3. Create relevant content that matches each phase of the buyer’s process
  4. Make a clear promotion plan to ensure your leads can access your content
  5. Nurture leads until they are ready to be passed on to sales.”

Why lead nurturing?

  • By nurturing leads, your sales team will receive better quality leads.
  • Quality leads with detailed engagement, behaviour, and profile information results in a higher conversion rate.
  • Better leads and higher conversions improve respect and alignment between sales and marketing.
  • It ensures your company or products stay top-of-mind among your prospective buyers.
  • It prevents your sales team from contacting leads that are not sales-ready.
  • It enables marketing to obtain better insights into the prospect’s readiness to buy.

How can spotONvision help?

Whatever the challenge, spotONvision can help you take your lead by the hand by offering relevant content, tailored to the informational needs of the buyer. By using tools, such as marketing automation, we can also help you can keep leads actively involved and engaged, moving them towards the moment they are ready to buy.

spotONvision can help you with both strategically tactically in developing, setting up, and executing campaign flows and lead nurture programmes. Do you want better leads? We can tune your campaign through a successful lead nurture process. Please contact us to see how.