Lead Generation

B2B lead generation

Generating leads in B2B is a technique to attract potential buyers for your products or services by encouraging prospects to engage with your brand. To accomplish this, a company first maps the buyer’s journey, seeking opportunities where prospects are amenable to receiving industry, company, and product information that is educational in nature. Once the buyer’s journey is mapped, the lead generation process can begin.

How do you ensure that potential buyers, your leads, start the journey? You can achieve this by generating demand for information, or content, which your organization provides. This content could be a relevant case study, article, e-book, whitepaper, or other valuable information. Why would you want to give away information your company worked hard to discover or produce? The answer is simple. Sharing knowledge can create opportunities to gain an introduction. Moreover, it makes a professional first impression on your audience.

Why generate and nurture leads?

Cold calling prospects rarely results in a sale. Lead generation, on the other hand, converts prospects into customers through a nurture process. By engaging your leads with relevant content, you can convert a weak lead into a prospect that is interested in your products or services and is open to considering a purchase. Lead generation, using the Internet, enables companies to nurture prospects at scale. Only after a prospect is converted into a qualified sales lead, should a meeting or phone call take place. Lead generation makes cold calling obsolete.

Shimon Ben Ayoun

Managing Partner - spotONvision

“Lead generation transforms anonymous prospects into known leads. This brings three advantages:

  1. You know who’s interested in your organization.
  2. You gain insight into which content best suits your target audience.
  3. You can approach leads in a more targeted way by using the information you collect in the lead generation process.”

spotONvision can help you generate and nurture leads

Attracting the right leads begins with identifying your ideal buyers as well as developing buyer personas and determining their needs and interests. The next step is to create or adjust your content to the different stages of the prospect’s buying process. By distributing relevant and valuable content, you can stand out in the market, outplay the competition, and ultimately build profitable relationships with potential customers. As you nurture your leads through content, you increase the quality of your prospects. Each time you engage leads, you can collect more information to help you understand who they are and what they need as well as their decision-making processes, their interests and their willingness to buy. With this information, you can convert your leads into customers more easily.

We often hear the following questions when it comes to lead generation:

  • Where do I find my new customers?
  • How do I generate quality leads?
  • How do I set up lead generation programmes?

At spotONvision, we answer these and other questions, and can help you develop and execute lead generation and nurture campaigns, including promotion plans, to make your business a success. Please contact us for more information.