Customer Marketing

B2B customer marketing

Many companies put too much effort into converting new customers when they could increase sales and profits by marketing to existing customers. Your current customer base offers you a real chance to build long-term relationships by investing in the trust you’ve already established.

Keep your customers informed about your products and new offerings as well as company news, such as being invited to speak at industry events or winning industry awards. A good starting point to encourage customer advocacy is to gain better insights in the customer journey. That way you can find out what touchpoints provide the most important moments of truth, and how you can improve your customers’ experience. Account-based marketing (ABM) can also be used to approach a specific segment of your customers. It enables your marketing and communications to be tailored to specific accounts or customers.

We are often asked, ‘What can we do to retain our customers and to improve our customer centricity programme?’

Ingrid Archer

Managing Partner - spotONvision

“It is important to focus on your customer in everything you do:

  • Why does the customer choose you?
  • How can you meet the customer’s needs?
  • How can you be really customer centric?
  • How do you prove the added value of customer marketing?”

Why customer marketing?

  • Keeping and retaining existing customer is less time-consuming than winning new business.
  • Having customer data and insights at your fingertips makes it easy to improve customer experience and customer satisfaction.
  • A customer or retention programme helps your company focus on existing customers and deliver better results.
  • An account-based marketing approach can also help you engage with new business units or departments within an existing account.

How can spotONvision help?

By mapping the customer journey, you will better understand the customer process and touchpoints. spotONvision can help you map and align the content of your customer marketing programmes to the customer journey. We can help you execute qualitative and quantitative research to uncover and validate your customer’s needs.

We can also help you develop an account-based marketing plan for your existing accounts. By using the right plans and tools, you can offer your customers a consistent customer experience that keeps them coming back for more of your products or services.

Some challenges and solutions may seem out of your reach. spotONvision can help you determine how multiple departments or colleagues can work better on enhancing customer centricity. Marketing can play a central role in these efforts. Let us know when you want to start developing an improved customer experience.