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Seamless B2B experiences that are truly B2Me

From strategy to campaigns and marketing technology. Ever since 2006 we have helped leading companies in B2B. For customers such as Cyclomedia, Elsevier, De Persgroep, Salesforce and T-Mobile we develop meaningful conversations. Interactions leading to growth of people and businesses.

By adding meaning to metrics, we build relationships that last, one interaction at a time. This way we create seamless B2B experiences that are truly B2Me.

By initiating the B2B Marketing Forum and B2B Marketing Awards we have added an extra dimension to the B2B community. Our passionate team of ambitious superheroes use knowledge, creativity and engagement to achieve their goals. Together with our customers and partners we shape the future of B2B.

SPOTON Manifesto

For so long, we’ve asked. Demanded. Try us, buy us.
Trust us, we’re worth it.

Today, customers are making the demands. See me, hear me, educate me.
Make my life easier. They’re right. And they’re worth it, all of them.

That’s why we are calling for a new era in b2b marketing, an era of paying attention, instead of asking for it. An era of using data to understand people even better.

This means we have to step up to the plate and truly help, move or enlighten every customer.

By adding meaning to metrics, we can make something real happen.
Again and again. All to build genuine relationships, that last.

Let’s enter the era of giving in b2b.

Ingrid Archer
Founder and Director Clients, Strategy & Success
Vincent van Heese
Consultant Marketing Strategy & Research
Tessa Peterse
Consultant Marketing Strategy & Research
Marten Hoekstra
Senior Consultant Digital Marketing & Technology
Kim Delsing
Sales & Operations
Gaia Temin
Consultant Marketing Strategy & Research
Kjel Kuypers
Consultant Marketing Strategy & Research
Shimon Ben Ayoun
Founder & Managing Director
Calvin Tang
Creative Consultant
Thomas Archer
Consultant Marketing Strategy & Research
Vega Sims
Lead Consultant / Team Lead Marketing Strategy & Research
Stan Kestein
Consultant Marketing Strategy & Research
Tamara den Hartog
Lead Consultant / Team Lead Digital Marketing & Technology
Wieteke van Hooijdonk
Project Lead Marketing Strategy & Research

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