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Content Marketing, Positioning
How you can use a Maturity Model to up your game in B2B Marketing
A maturity model can offer a path to improve your marketing action. Discover how a maturity model can help you up your game in B2B Marketing.
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Campaigns, Marketing Automation
Hype or reality? Artificial Intelligence and the future of marketing automation
Artificial Intelligence within marketing automation has been an area in which many developments have been taking place for a longer time.
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Lead Nurturing
Anything that gets attention grows – the art of nurturing in B2B marketing
According to research of MarketingSherpa (2012), companies that nurture leads have an ROI that is higher than 45% compared to organizations without a nurture campaign. But what does nurturing actually mean? In short, lead nurturing is taking a potential B2B buyer by the hand (in other words lead) and take it to the next phase of the buying process in a natural way. Only how do you take a client by the hand? By consistently offering relevant content at the right time. With a nurture campaign you reach several marketing goals:
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Account-based marketing, Campaigns
Getting started with account-based marketing
For many years now, account-based marketing has been a buzz word in B2B marketing. Many organizations are implementing ABM or want to get started with ABM in the near future. But what exactly is ABM and what is the importance of an account-based approach for your organization?
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Buyer journey, Buyer Personas, Content Marketing
From B2B buyer journey to content plan: the highlights
Discover how to create content that convert with these tips from our co-founder Ingrid. She shares the path from B2B buyer journey to content.
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Content Marketing, Positioning
2021: Celebrating our B2B Marketing Consultancy
Our B2B Marketing consultancy had quite a year. In this post we look back at what happened and ahead to SPOTONVISION’s plans for the future.
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Account-based marketing, Buyer Enablement, Buyer journey, Content Marketing, Data & analytics, Digital Marketing
B2B Marketing predictions: The danger of 2022
We’ve looked at research from the main leaders in marketing to find what to include in our B2B marketing plans for 2022.
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Account-based marketing, Lead Generation, Strategy
Is account-based marketing right for you? Seven questions to help you decide
The power of ABM lies in personalization and full alignment between marketing and sales. But it’s not the right strategy for everyone. Let’s look at seven questions and seven tips to help you determine if ABM is the best strategy for you.
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Account-based marketing, Buyer journey, Content Marketing
SPOTONVISION celebrates its 15th anniversary
Fifteen years ago Ingrid Archer and Shimon Ben Ayoun founded B2B marketing agency SPOTONVISION, the pioneer in B2B marketing in Europe.
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