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Campaigns, Lead Management, Lead Nurturing, Sales Enablement
5 tips for great alignment between Sales & Marketing
How do you ensure good alignment between Sales and Marketing? We have listed the 5 best tips for you to improve your B2B marketing campaigns.
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Adoption Internal Organisation, Campaigns, Customer Journey, Lead Generation
Turn your B2B marketing campaigns into the Best-in-Class with the SPOTONVISION Maturity Model
SPOTONVISION B2B Campaign Maturity Model. Understand how ‘mature’ you are as a marketer or marketing team.
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Account-based marketing, Buyer Enablement, Campaigns, Content Marketing
12 tips to get more out of your ABM campaigns
Are you already working with account-based marketing? In this blog we share 12 tips to improve your ABM campaigns.
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Account-based marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Management
How to leverage LinkedIn for your ABM strategy  
ABM can help you increase ROI by focusing on your most promising accounts. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to improve your marketing efforts.
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Content Marketing
Validate your buyer personas. Especially now!
The world is changing so rapidly that old principles no longer hold true. To understand what our customers need, we should to validate our buyer personas.
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Content Marketing, Data & analytics
A Practical Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR
The GDPR regulation recognizes different roles in dealing with data, the so-called ‘data processors’ and ‘data controllers’. As a marketer, your position is within at least one of these roles, and possibly even both…
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Sales Enablement, Strategy
What is sales enablement? Strategies, solutions and process 
Sales enablement is the process of providing the sales organization with the information, content and tools to sell more effectively.
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Buyer Personas, Strategy
7 ways to fail in buyer persona development
Many B2B companies want to create more insight in their buyer. One way of doing this is to develop buyer personas. This is actually a good thing. Unfortunately, we often see how buyer research fails. Sometimes the buyer persona profiles are completely ineffective. We have been developing buyer personas for more than 15 years, and here are the 7 common mistakes in buyer persona development.
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Account-based marketing, Campaigns, Content Marketing
3 steps to personalise your B2B marketing
Implement these three simple steps to add personalisation to your B2B Marketing campaigns and activities. %
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