B2B Online Festival Q&A – answering your questions on Buyer Persona, AI and ABM

For our B2B Online Festival this year, we focused on two critical topics: Account-Based Strategy for B2B Growth and AI Unleashed: Transform Your B2B Marketing with Smart Strategies. Here’s a recap of the highlights and key takeaways from the festival. 

Account-Based Strategy for B2B Growth 

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) continues to be a game changer in B2B marketing. Here are some of the points we discussed during our webinar: 

  • Identifying Key Accounts: Build a concrete account list based on specific criteria such as company size, industry, fit, and potential revenue. This way you can focus your marketing efforts on the most promising opportunities. 
  • Personalisation: Use data and insights to tailor your messages and campaigns to the specific needs of each account/set of accounts.  
  • Collaboration with Sales: Close collaboration between Marketing and Sales teams is vital for ABM’s success. Regular communication and joint planning help ensure that both teams are aligned and working towards common goals. 

AI Unleashed: Transform Your B2B Marketing with Smart Strategies 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising (B2B) marketing. Our panel discussed the impact of AI and shared valuable insights on leveraging it in your marketing strategies.  

  • Know your buyer: A deep understanding of buyer personas, including goals and decision-making processes, is crucial for successful marketing campaigns. 
  • AI in B2B Marketing: AI enhances marketing technology, personalisation, and content intelligence, aiding in smart offers, segmentation, and automated interactions. 
  • Integrating AI and human insights: Use AI for efficiency and human insights for understanding emotions and context, combining both for effective marketing strategies. 

Audience Q&A Highlights 

During the festival, we received several thought-provoking questions from the audience. Here are some of the key questions and our answers: 

What are considered Qualified Opportunities vs. Leads? 

A qualified opportunity is when more than one person from the same account engages with your content, indicating interest from a Decision-Making Unit (DMU). A lead is typically one person who has shown interest by downloading a content piece. Qualified opportunities are broader and have more relevance for sales. 

What questions do you ask in a buyer interview? 

In buyer interviews, ask questions such as: What were your decision criteria? What triggered you to buy a certain product? What are your challenges and goals? These questions help in creating detailed and accurate buyer personas. Want to know the step-by-step of crafting a buyer persona? Download our eBook!  

Do you think AI can benefit small businesses in crafting accurate buyer personas? 

Yes, AI can help small businesses create better buyer personas by providing a starting point for understanding the market. However, AI should complement, not replace, direct interviews and a deep understanding of the buyer journey. Our Buyer Personas and AI eBook can help you navigate how human expertise and AI can work together.  

How do you secure appointments for interviews? 

AI can assist by identifying the habits and preferences of your target group, such as their preferred communication channels. The most effective way to secure interviews is to leverage your Sales team’s network. For niche markets, consider using agencies that specialise in procuring respondents. 

How do you determine the buyer’s persona when offering thousands of products? 

Start by understanding the buyer’s challenges, then match your products to these needs. Focus on the questions your buyers have, then identify which product categories fit their challenges. This buyer-centric approach ensures that your marketing efforts are relevant and effective. 

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